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In today’s competitive times, the success of any business lies in its marketing and advertisement plan of the business. You will see huge advertisement banners while driving on roads and highways, right? Yes, the Flex banner is one of the effective business marketing methods because the banner is an easy marketing method to communicate your business to customers.

As the leading flex design and printing service in London Prabisha Consulting provides high-quality design and flex printing services. We have a team of experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge of graphic design banner printing. Through improved methods, the quality of techniques and services is maintained, and thereby permanent reduction in unit cost is achieved

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Different Types of Flex Banners

Based on customer’s requirements such as event promotion, product launch, or roadside billboards, there are multiple types of flex banners such as front-lit, backlit, black out and black/grey back flex banners. Customers can choose flex banners as per their requirements.

Flex Banner samples

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Frontlit Flex Banner

It is a type of flex banner in which the light falls on the front of the flex banner. Hence it is called Frontlit Banner. These banners come in both types glossy and matt finish.

Backlit Flex Banner

In this flex banner, the light falls on the banner from behind so this flex stands out at night time. This banner has high transmittance.

Block Out Flex Banners

This block-out flex banner is preferred for high graphic advertisements because the material used for this banner is of high quality and has a special quality which means we can print on both sides of this material. This can be used for screen printing or wide digital printing applied to outdoors and indoor Billboards.

Black/ Grey Back Flex Banners

Black/Grey Back Flex Banner is a type of blackout advertising banner material made of PVC surface that can be printed with black or grayback. This PVC blackout has a darkening effect through which no light comes through. It has good graphics performance in hanging banners, event banners, backdrop, outdoor billboards, street banners, pole flag banners, post displays, roll up etc.

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Areas of use of flex banner material

Flex banner printing is preferred in various fields. It is possible to see these applications in every sector. Especially its areas of use;

• Banner and banner printing for promotional or advertising purposes
• Wall covering or decoration works
• Type of totem print
• Flex banner digital printing is used in facade and building extension
• Illuminated sign canvas print
• It is a very widely used material for display stand printing