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Today is the age of digital marketing, but even in this digital world, a professionally designed business card is always as important as promoting services. Exchanging business cards with prospective clients or customers is still a standard procedure to build a network. So having an eye-catching and memorable business card will help you stand out from the rest of the competition.

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A good business card can help you convey the overall image of your brand/business, but it's not that easy.

Don’t worry, Prabisha Consulting is here to help you by designing professional and creative business cards. Our creative graphic designers first conduct research based on your business niche, these are the essential parts of a business card like colour, wording, and design to attract and convey your company image to your audience.

Factors to consider when creating a business card that looks professional

No business card can be done simply because it reflects your business. When making a business card, its size, colour, writing used, and content are all important factors.

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Remember that the colour scheme you choose must coordinate with your branding to keep your message consistent.
Applying your brand colours to your cards requires careful thought. For example, a colour scheme of black and gold is often seen as classy and luxurious. Green and earthy colours can be used for environmental and ethical issues, while bright and playful colours such as pinks and yellows can be used to send a modern and fun message.


The shape of your business cards has its own unique mental associations. Although squares and rectangles are the most common shapes, they are convenient to fit in people’s wallets.
Round and square with rounded corners are also becoming more common and these types of cards are ideal for businesses with a bit more of a fun factor.


Keep in mind that business cards have limited space on which you can place text. Think about what fonts you want to use. If you already have fonts in your branding, it’s wise to use them to keep the design consistent.


The quality of the paper your business cards are printed on says a lot about your brand. A thick stock with the right finish looks professional and can help you make a good impression.

We won’t let you drop that low. Allow us to create a business card design that’s worth it.
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