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The primary purpose of Labels/ Packages for any product is to protect the product while it is being transported, stored in the store room, and on the shelf of the shop but a good Label design for that packaging is to attract customers when they see the product on the shelf of the shop.
This product label informs consumers about the product and helps brands differentiate their products from similar ones through logos, colors, or shapes. Having an innovative design for your product will make it more appealing to customers and cause them to be more interested in what you’re selling.

Why does Label/Package Design is Important?

Helps in brand recognition

What better way to tell people that your brand has a story and a reason behind it than with a product label design? Because consumers look at the label on your product before they see it. So, your brand logo, colors, fonts, and trademarks should be important in your product label design.

Makes a strong first impression

The first impression of your product is very important to make it more popular than many similar products. An eye-catching label design makes your product stand out from other products, be it on a shop shelf or a website. This helps new customers to know your brand and convert it into a sale.

It helps to communicate

An attractive design alone is not enough; the label should work to inform people about all the details of your product. A good product label design should answer the following questions for the customer.

• Who is this product suitable for?
• What is the use of this product?
• Product Manufacturer Details
• The expiry date of the product?
• Materials used for the product.

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Label and Package Design Service in London

Prabisha Consulting has a professional label design team and we create label designs for your products that look, feel and identify you to your customers. With our experience and our skills, we ensure that you reach your goals through the label designs we create for your business.
Labels serve as the identifying mark of your products. Without them, consumers cannot begin to build trust or familiarity with your brand.