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Rank your website #1 on Google, above the organic results and get attention from the target audience searching similar to your services! Drive reliable website traffic, and increase product sales with Prabisha Consulting’s professional & affordable Google Ads Management Services. High ROAS-focused campaign with a Low Budget!

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The perfect digital marketing platform for small-mid size businesses to enhance brand’s awareness & generate quality leads.

Based on recent statistics, Google has more than 4 billion users worldwide and 95 % of them are actively surfing google for their individual needs. By advertising on google, your brand can gain millions of interactions, ad impressions & thousands of website traffic at a meagre cost. Among many other search engine marketing channels, Google advertising service has widely known because of its: Massive reach, Detailed Targeting, Cost Effectiveness, Highly measurable & trackable features, and Transparent results.

Google Ads is an intense digital advertising tool that allows businesses to reach their target audiences through ads displayed on Google Search, Maps & over millions of Google’s audience network. With a monthly or daily ad campaign, businesses can set an ad-spend cap and choose target audiences globally or locally. This is an effective way for businesses to represent brands’ message to their potential customers with a catchy line & highly creative graphics and make it hard for customers to take their eyes off the ads. Being an expert in google ads management, Prabisha Consulting has a team of Google ad experts who can build, manage & deliver top-notch ads while optimising the KPIs.

Stay Ahead & Grow Business Online with Google Ads Management Services

Target audience

With Google ads’ precise targeting method, you can target audience you want to, based on broad demographics, location & even what query they are searching on google.

Drive Awareness

We help our clients reach potential customers who may be in need of their product or service but are unaware of the brand’s existence.

Daily Optimisation

Our Google ad experts daily optimise & give a close look at ads performance, conversions to make it further better.


We build custom Google Ads campaigns for users who have already expressed an interest in your product or service. This helps to enhance sales and conversions.

With our budget-friendly campaign scaling, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Low Risk

There is shallow risk in placing & managing google ads as it’s based on the PPC model, and we can always edit, optimise after publishing the ads.

We specialise in Functional, Useful & Easy to Navigate Google Ads Solutions

Prabisha Consulting is the top-level Google Advertising Agency in London, which curates exceptional strategies to boost your marketing goals. We measure and track the highly performative KPIs to utilise the ad campaign’s success.

Google Search ad

Place your website #1 on google for your target audience's queries with low CPC & high return on ad spend.

Google display ad

Increase your chances of conversions by scaling & retargeting personalised ads across the web.

Google Shopping ad

Display products with the necessary information for customers interested in buying.

YouTube Advertising

Drive awareness, increase subscribers & views count with advanced advertisement techniques.

We optimise the performance of ads, control ad copy & manage ads for quality conversions based on Google’s advertising policy. Contact us for a quotation on how we generate leads through Google Advertising.